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The purpose of this Blog

July 18, 2007

The goal of this blog is to provide a space for the RIS team at Dartmouth to learn about, share, and comment upon various Web 2.0 tools and how these tools can be utilized in reference work.  Many, many great things are happening on the web outside of just the big names (Flikr, MySpace, Wikipedia).  I will maintain this blog on a volunteer basis through December, providing reviews of the various sites and services that are out there, as well as readings on how cultural institutions are making use of these tools.  I hope that others will find this resource helpful, and will feel free to comment and/or add their own 2.0 finds to the list.  There are a lot of good innovations out there right now, but not all of it fits into the library world, despite the hype, so the careful examination of these tools is essential.   I hope you all enjoy!